US Capitol Building

There was a lockdown in the US Capitol last week. Earlier in the day, while the Senate was convening to certify the votes for incoming
President Elect Biden, protestors breached the Capitol and was able to access the building. As a result of this, many senators, staff
and others went into lockdown. After the protesters were, ‘‚Ķbreaking into both chambers of Congress, sending lawmakers into terrified lockdowns.
Sheltering with some members of the press, Romney reportedly called over Jonathan Martin of the Times to make it known, “This is what the president has caused today, this insurrection.”‘ (Source:, Lange, Java; 1/6/21, 3:16PM EST)

As a result of this, many of our officials in the House of Representatives, both Decmocrat and Replubican, have begun the ‘Articles of Impeachment’, which cited the President responsible for inciting insurrection and an attempted coup of both the US government and democracy.

And now, as an added concern, with the Inauguration coming this week, the National Guard has been deployed around the US, to all 50 states, to assist with local law enforcement in keeping the peace.

As a result, reports and talk of armed marches at each of the 50 Capitals in the US are to begin on Sunday, 1/17/21.