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  • Thank YOU!


    Thank YOU!

    We wanted to say, “Thank you!” We wanted you to know that we will be continuing to create and design a news outlet that fits your needs. And just because we have what we do, we still need YOU to share with us ideas and matters of interest that can help us to serve you…

  • Refugee Resources

    Refugee Resources

    Travelling and settling in parts of the world can be challenging. There are always new ways to do things, customs and practices that someone may not be aware of. And that is okay. We are all still learning. That is why, here at Nepali News Network, we will be making updates to our website to…

  • Coming Soon


    Coming Soon

    Hello everyone! We had taken some off to make some new additions. While the look is almost the same, it will be changed and updated in the future. We have taken the time to ask questions as to how we may do better. And we have taken that feedback in order to better present the…