Effects of Lockdown

The curfews that have been placed on our nation, have been met with both admiration and criticism. What could be of interest is the fact that there may be unintended or even intended consequences of the curfew.

Let’s look at the intention of the curfew. On one hand, cutting down on gatherings could help with cutting down the spread of the corona-virus. And the idea being that with less to no virus, hopefully that could stop the spread, cut the number of affected as well as save lives from death.

An unintended, or yet to be shared view could be that with less people out and about, this could potentially allow law enforcement to focus on actual crimes. Now whether these crimes have happened or are yet to happen, law enforcement could focus on helping to ‘…serve and protect…’. Of course, there are many points of view that could be explored, and may be done in a future post.

As we move on, the following video provides a visual demonstration of how the virus could be seen when wearing a mask or not at all.

Source: https://youtu.be/RkB0k81oNiI

And the following video also provides visual details as to how the virus actually grows depending upon how a mask is used.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDeP7-rUZmo

While we respect varying opinions and ideas, we also recall that when we have gone into the doctor’s office, the dentist, even the eye doctor and surgery, we are reminded that everyone involved and are in the room have at some point worn a mask in our presence.

And we recall, that even before the pandemic, there were signs and reminders as to how to either wear a mask or not come in, to help stop the spread of the cold, the flu, e.g. anything that could be spread through the air, touch, contact…

Now, we understand, that there is varying sentiment as to how and if a mask would be effective. And it is not our place to necessarily make a decision for you or anyone else.

We want to make sure that we provide supported details, perspectives and information so that you and everyone are able to make the best informed decisions for yourself.

So with the ongoing pandemic, we hope, we pray that you are all safe, happy and prosperous to your heart’s content!

Take care and will have more soon!