News of areas in the United States are said to be opening in the coming weeks. While there is debate as to whether or not we are to open, much discussion continues on the matter.

On one hand, the point is made that there is a need or the economy to reopen, so that people are able to work to provide for their families.

And on the other hand, the point has been made for the stay at home order to continue for everyone.

And yet, there are even arguments for blending the two points above. Regardless of what you and I may think, areas of the country are beginning to open, in sections and in phases. And this will continue through the coming weeks.

This virus, the Corona-Virus, will be in our society for some time. And we hope that the loss of life would stop and that all could be healthy.

So whatever you may be doing, whatever you are about to do and where ever you may be, please be safe, take care and we hope the best for you and everyone around you!